About Us


About Us

Anyone can learn to train a dog. You just need to learn to "speak their language". You also need to understand how to motivate your dog to work for you.

A Wag N' Time Companion Dog Training's private, in-home training programs strive to help you understand how your dog thinks, and why he does the things he does. Through the use of "Clicker Training" and positive reinforcement, you can quickly and easily have a trained dog that is a joy to own.

You will learn to communicate instructions to your dog in a way he can understand, and you will help your dog "learn" to learn. Your dog will understand sit, down, come, heel, off and as many vocabulary words as you are willing to teach him.

New puppy owners, proper obedience training is a must. A young dog is a sponge for the first 14-16 weeks of its life and is easy and fun to train. With the right tools, some time, and a commitment to succeed, any dog can learn basic obedience commands by the time he reaches 4-6 months of age.

Have you adopted an adult dog who needs some behavior modification? If the answer is yes, you might have to work a little harder, but the methods used by A Wag N' Time are humane, fun and can enhance the training of any dog at just about any age.

You and your dog will find a newfound understanding of each other through dog obedience training!