Client Ruff-A-Monials

Sophie, our Border Collie, is the most active dog we've ever had. Although she is very smart and learns quickly, getting her to pay attention to learn appropriate behavior was quite a challenge when she was a puppy. However, when we started working with Michelle, Sophie's innate intelligence and motivation to please came through. Michelle worked closely with us over several months to model good behavior and support what we were doing to get Sophie to follow commands and learn to interact appropriately. Even though we had regular "lessons" with Michelle, these were fun and highly interactive sessions. Working with Michelle provided us with a strong foundation for additional training in agility. Her structure and consistency during the sessions resulted in a well-behaved, fun dog. I highly recommend her as a dog trainer!

Marcia Kolvitz, Cumberland, IN

“I cannot say enough great things about Michelle and the impact she has made in our lives! My adopted dog, Jacks, has always struggled with mild social and behavior issues. However, going out in public and engaging in activities as simple as a walk on the Monon were becoming increasingly unbearable due to his anxiety and socialization issues. Michelle recognized that while Jacks need some obedience work, that I was the one that needing most of the training. She helped me to understand the reason for Jacks’ behavior and gave me the practical solutions I needed to help Jacks’ improve behavioral patterns. Throughout our experience of training with Michelle, both Jacks and I have reached a level of confidence that would never have been possible. After much hard work and dedication, I now have the dog of my dreams! Jacks is a pleasure to take out in public and our once stressful walks on the Monon are now enjoyable and carefree. I know that thanks to Michelle’s expertise and training methods, Jacks is now living the best life possible”

Abbey Lakin, Carmel, IN

“We enlisted Michelle for help with our two, then four month old male black lab pups. We had been attending puppy school and, while they knew some of the basics, We were challenged with several issues including extreme barking caused by separation anxiety. The other main issue was their bolting through the door or excessive pulling on their leashes when distracted. We reside in Denver, CO, and actually flew Michelle out over a weekend to work with our dogs. In literally a matter of minutes, Michelle had taught them how to back, wait, bow, and shake. She takes a very positive approach with her training but does have a stricter back up correction for those who are a bit more stubborn. We went out on walks and to parks so she could work with them on controlling themselves while distracted. It made a huge difference. I highly recommend Michelle not only for her incredible training skills but for her dedication to solving problems . She is so well connected in the industry that she will reach out to others for input in challenging situations. I welcome anyone contacting me regarding her incredible capabilities.”


Andrea and Rob Doelling, Highlands Ranch, CO

“When our family began looking for a puppy, we were concerned about buying a dog from a breeder that we knew nothing about. We didn't want to make a mistake. I found Michelle Goldner's card on a cork board at the local feed store and was interested in her adoption services. Michelle spent time talking with us about what we were looking for in a family pet, made some breed suggestions and then began sending us adoption listings that matched our criteria. When we brought our new Brittany home, Michelle came over to our house once a week for 5 weeks to work with our whole family on obedience training. This was well worth it. Not only did our puppy learn to obey, but our whole family was able to participate in the process and receive "training" as well!”

Thanks for all of your help Michelle,

Nick Runyon, Noblesville, IN