Client Ruff-A-Monials

My family travels alot, so I feel very secure that my dog Speed is so well cared for. Michelle's feeds him his food, he sleeps on a soft bed (or her couch when she is not looking) and plays with her dogs. When I get home I know Speed will be happy and healthy, and this piece of mind is so important to me, especially since Speed is getting older now. I would recommend Michelle and A Wag N' Time to anyone who wanted a caring, dog-friendly place as an option to a kennel.

Trisha Borme, Indianapolis, IN

"We brought home a 10 week old male Rottweiler pup last spring. Although I grew up with big dogs and we previously had a black lab, I had never trained a puppy. Knowing that our chosen breed would quickly grow into a big boy and that this breed also had a reputation as aggressive, it was very important to us that he be trained properly and acquire good house and stranger manners. My husband was deployed overseas at the time of our new pup's homecoming, so I enlisted Michelle's dog training services. She is fantastic! She has a confidence and "alpha" about her that my pup responded to immediately. She taught me how to use positive reenforcement to correct unwanted behaviors. She always had a command that we would work on for that session but listened to my concerns and was flexible to also work on areas that my pup was having trouble with. She addressed all the issues I brought up to her. She has amazing insight into the mind of a dog and the pack mentality. Not only did she teach my pup good behaviors, she also taught me how to be a good dog owner. I am happy to report that our pup has matured into a remarkable family pet. He sits, downs, and stays on command. He is great with other dogs both inside and outside his home and is great with our 2 young children. I often receive comments about how well-trained my dog is. Michelle's services were the best investment we made regarding our pup. I would absolutely recommend her to anybody."

BJ Massa, Carmel, IN

I can't believe what a difference in-home puppy training has made with our Lab. We started training when she was 3 months old. After seven weekly sessions she knows sit, down and stay commands and can walk on a leash. That is something I never would have expected of such a young puppy. The in-home training was very beneficial in teaching her manners prior to socializing her with older dogs. The cost was minimal for the convenience of having Michelle come to our home. Michelle was flexible and scheduling training times was never a problem. I would recommend Michelle and her canine training experience to anyone.

Angie Barnes, Westfield, IN