Living with Dogs

At times in my adult life (meaning post college) I have tried inviting roommates to live with me in my home. While I won't say the experiences were bad, neither were they what I'd hoped they'd be. Humans don't always work to find compromises and common ground when co-habitating. Fast forward to 1996 and the…
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Can I Really Understand My Dog?
Can He Understand Me?

I'd like to propose a new resolution for dog parents...COMMUNICATION and UNDERSTANDING. When was the last time you tried to teach your old dog a new trick? While the word "trick" can mean something trite or unimportant, in dog training it's just one more way to communicate with your dog. After all, obedience training is…
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Let’s Talk About Motivation
For Your Dog

This topic is so appropriate since I spent most of the winter of 2013 being very "unmotivated!" There was more than one time this winter I really envied my dog's built in winter coats. Sometimes it just felt like we'd never see the sun or feel the warmth again...Thanks a bunch Global Warming! So now…
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Happy Dog

This is the excerpt shown on the "Partners" page (reader's digest version of all of the partners)

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