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A Dog’s view of the World

We’ve all seen the kids and dogs videos and pictures on Facebook where the baby is lying on top of the dog, or a small child is holding the leash of a huge dog…dogs in cribs with infants, and dogs and kids playing tug-o-war.  I will be the first person to admit that I find…
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When I Call My Dog, Nothing Good Happens

If I had to pick one of the most important things to teach your dog it would be a rock-solid recall.  Think about it…a dog with a great recall can be off lead in all sorts of fun places…hiking in the woods, dog beaches, soccer fields…you get the idea! There is nothing more aggravating than…
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Will Spring Ever Get Here?

This by far as been the longest, most miserable, cruddy (you get the idea) winter!  I have spent far too much time inside my house, and my dogs…especially the Border Collies would agree!  So if you are in the same boat as we are and are stuck inside because you just can't stand being cold…
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What Does it Mean to Have a Quiet Time at Home?

Ever try to take a sick day or a quiet morning at home with 4 dogs? As I sit here composing my thoughts I am a shelf for Banjo and Koko...they like to sit on my shoulders from the back of the couch, and Graci and Lewis the Border Collies are ever hopeful that we…
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Things You May Not Think About Training Dogs

It occurs to me that training is more about learning to understand another species than it is about "mastering" that species. It's about trying to understand what your animal thinks whether it be dog, cat, horse...whatever.   The other day I was working with a client who has taken on the challenge of training two…
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Dogs and Heat

So I have been wondering who is playing the really bad joke on us Hoosiers...I mean one day I wake up sure I live in Central, Indiana and a week later I wake up sure I have been transported to somewhere in the middle of Texas in August. If you are like me you are…
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Living with Dogs

At times in my adult life (meaning post college) I have tried inviting roommates to live with me in my home. While I won't say the experiences were bad, neither were they what I'd hoped they'd be. Humans don't always work to find compromises and common ground when co-habitating. Fast forward to 1996 and the…
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Can I Really Understand My Dog?
Can He Understand Me?

I'd like to propose a new resolution for dog parents...COMMUNICATION and UNDERSTANDING. When was the last time you tried to teach your old dog a new trick? While the word "trick" can mean something trite or unimportant, in dog training it's just one more way to communicate with your dog. After all, obedience training is…
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Let’s Talk About Motivation
For Your Dog

This topic is so appropriate since I spent most of the winter of 2013 being very "unmotivated!" There was more than one time this winter I really envied my dog's built in winter coats. Sometimes it just felt like we'd never see the sun or feel the warmth again...Thanks a bunch Global Warming! So now…
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