What Does it Mean to Have a Quiet Time at Home?

Depositphotos_8963126_originalEver try to take a sick day or a quiet morning at home with 4 dogs? As I sit here composing my thoughts I am a shelf for Banjo and Koko...they like to sit on my shoulders from the back of the couch, and Graci and Lewis the Border Collies are ever hopeful that we are going somewhere...anywhere. We all allow our pets to bend some rules...even those of us who train - no the trainer's dogs are not perfect, but that's the point. Dogs are willing and able to be fully integrated into our families regadless of whether the family consists of one person or 6 people. Dogs want to know where they stand. They find security in patterns and consistency and they understand boundaries and rules when you take the time to "explain" them. As the human in the equation, know what you can and can't tolerate and be sure you work with you dog to understand these boundaries. That is dog training.

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