Dog Training

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Puppy Pre-school Training

It does not get any easier than training a puppy. They are so willing to learn, and free of bad habits that teaching them what to do is a snap. The training method I use is Clicker or Marker training, and this program can't be beat for quickly and easily teaching: house breaking and crate training, basic obedience commands, name recognition and good dog behavior.

By offering the pup a food reward, and a special sound to tell him he's done something right, I teach new dog owners to communicate with their pets in a way the dog can understand and react positively to.

I offer training for puppies one-on-one in your home.  You need every opportunity to learn to communicate with your puppy.  By working on the core commands of SIT, DOWN, STAY, PLACE, COME, OFF etc. in your home, we begin to build a tool box that helps your pup understand what is expected of him.  We do this in a quiet, safe, environment to start, then as the pup begins to learn the cues we can take it "on the road," so to speak, to socialize the commands and help the pup understand that the rules apply no matter where he is.  You pup would also be prepared to join a group class at this point.

Intermediate Puppy and Shelter Dog Training

This category of training covers a wide range of situations. You may have a dog that went to puppy school, but "forgot" his lessons, or you may have an adopted adult dog who either had minimal or no training. Although this type of dog is more of a challenge to train than a puppy, it is still well within reasonable expectations of success.

Critical to a well-behaved companion dog is good manners - not jumping on guests, using the yard, not the house for potty breaks, coming when called and basic obedience commands. I work with owners and their entire family to create a consistent list of training commands and actions to help the "re-trainee" understand the concept of being a Canine Good Citizen. Emphasis is placed on reward based training methods where the dog receives a food "paycheck" when he does the right thing. Sessions are non-confrontational and focus on teaching the owner to handle his or her dog.  This training can be offered one-0n-0ne at the dog's home or in a small class setting.

Advanced Obedience

Once your dog has mastered sit, stay, come and heel, there are so many ways to increase your training ability and your dog's interactive activities. A well trained dog can pursue agility, service work, show-ring obedience, flyball, herding and many other sports. My advanced obedience lessons focus on precision movements, adding obstacles, asking the dog to work in highly distracting situations and off-lead work.

Dedicated owner/handlers have no limits to the involvement their dog can have in their life. Want to take your dog everywhere you go and have other people welcome him? If the answer is yes, then you will need respect and control from you dog - you achieve this with advanced obedience.

Learn to be a Dog Trainer

Do you love dogs? Are you outgoing? Are you looking for a career change, or a little supplemental income? Learn to become a pet dog training professional. Limited openings exist for a working student to join the staff of A Wag N'Time Companion Dog Training. Learn hands-on techniques for working with owners and their pets, understand the basics of running a small business, and learn the timing and skills necessary to build your own training niche.

The program is informal and relies on written texts and hands-on experience. If you have an interest in learning, please contact Michelle Goldner at 317-727-0342. The only minimum requirement is that you own a dog! Coaching is $40 per session, purchased 4 sessions at a time and may involve working a dog, discussing written materials and field trips to animal shelters. Applicants must be at least 16 years of age to be considered and possess a reliable means of transportation.

Service Dogs

A Wag N'Time Companion Dog Training can help you develop and train therapy and service dogs.  Advanced skills needed to mitigate disabilities such as PTSD, walking assistance, and appropriate dogs for children on the Autism Spectrum can be "home trained."  Please note this type of working dog requires a special character type, as well as 2 full years of dedicated training.  Before you try to undertake this challenge on your own, contact local service dog organizations and visit service dog training associations online to fully understand the commitment needed to create a successful service animal.

Still Looking for the Perfect Pet?

Consider calling A Wag N'Time before you bring a puppy home.  There are so many options you can exercise to find the perfect family pet and  picking a puppy from a local breeder or pet store is only one way to go.  There are literally thousands of dogs in shelters, humane societies and private rescues waiting to be adopted.  Even if you want a particular breed of dog, chances are there are young adults or even puppies in rescues that may fit the bill.  Let Michelle help you understand what type of dog will best fit your lifestyle and then help you screen breeders and/or shelter to find the right dog.  This service consists of meeting for an hour with all family members to understand the dynamics of the family and what the expectations for the new dog will be.  Taking a few minutes to identify the list of "must haves" vs. "nice to haves," can be invaluable to picking a dog that will enhance your family vs. becoming a burden.